Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Blog - Seeking Communication with Life Forms, Alive, Dead, or Whatever

Hello All – Have you ever thought there must be more to life than what we see and hear?  Do you ever wonder what pets are thinking?  Are you interested in what some call Fringe Science or Pseudo-Science?  

Well, this new blog focuses on ways to communicate with the world in and around us.  SETI searched for life outside our universe.  This blog is seeking enhanced communication with those life-forms around us that we "can't" talk to .  Who says we can't?

Topics might include Inter-Species Communication, Plant Talk, Talking to the Dead, Chatting with God or other Good Spirits.  Of course Alien discovery is also welcome here too.  Who knows what we as a people might find.  If Science isn't interested, that does not have to hold us back.  Onward!

I focus on hope and potentially helpful solutions.

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I’m off to a fresh start in my blogging. Stay tuned. I’m so excited to start writing, researching, inventing again. 

Best Wishes to you in your endeavors. 

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