Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Animals' Sixth Sense Saves Lives"....Future Medical Diagnostic Tool?

"Canada's Heroic Pets Honoured: Animals' Sixth Sense Saves Lives"...." Animals are gifted with an extraordinary sense of sight, smell, sound and touch. They also seem to have a sixth sense, or intuition, that allows them to pick up on illness and medical emergencies earlier than humans are capable of detecting. While researchers are at odds about this sixth sense, many argue that the stronger the bond between pet and owner, the more apt they are to notice changes in their smell, mannerisms and appearance"....

Tom Sez - Animals can sense, maybe we can too, but we've lost the ability or suppress it.  

Maybe good research project for university?....glean the science out of this?....equip dogs/pets with sensors to map out the responses when they "intuitively" know a person is sick?  Galvanic Skin Response Sensors?  Eye movement?  Sniff sensors?   etc.....


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