Sunday, January 5, 2014

How do animals find their way home?

Pets and their owners can become very close, this is known.  When a pet becomes lost, it seems to find its way home, despite long distance and many adversities.  There are many theories how this homing instinct works, and it could be a combination of cues to re-unite pets with owners.

One explanation, proposed by J.B. Rhine, is a phenomenon called "Psi-Trailing".  This might be described as the owner and pet communicating using their "minds", much like a game of "Marco-Polo".  Who says this can't happen?

In fact, as technology improves, or our understand of minds improves, we might find ways to augment this psi-trailing.  

  1. Maybe there will be computer-assisted "psi-trailing" to bring people and/or pets back to one another.
  2. How about an electronic "dowsing tool" to zero in on the missing person or pet?  There exist electronic dowsing rods.  Maybe these same tools could be used to find lost pets or people.
  3. Perhaps "galvanic skin response" could be a kind of "psychic compass"
  4. Once dream analysis becomes a science, we might be able to get hints or suggestions of where to look.
Our mind and our pet's mind are wonderful creations, much to be revealed yet, though.

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